The Most Epic Jewelry Photography in NYC

The jewelry industry is slowly shifting into the digital realm, so it’s more important now than ever to promote your brand with beautiful, high quality images that represent and build your brand online. The Internet is a visual world, and beautiful, impactful imagery can go “viral” at any moment, spreading your name and products across the world in an instant.

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Epic Jewels serves New York City jewelers and jewelry stores by providing a variety of photography and marketing services to create professional digital storefronts and compete in the modern market.

Artistic, Creative Social Media Photography

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I use a variety of camera techniques to get the most life out of each jewel. Some Clients have provided image references of photography styles they like or wish to emulate, and I am able to execute their vision. As one Client said, “I want people to see the picture and recognize immediately that it came from my brand!” A visual brand story and style is a powerful marketing tool.

White Background Photos

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  • jewelry photo for web before and after
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White background photographs are important for jewelry brands. Magazines request them for features, they are the clearest images for use in catalogues, can be used for advertisements, and are the most appropriate type of product photo style to display jewelry on ecommerce websites.

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